Monday, 7 November 2016

More Producers Who Has Made Good Phones in 2016


This company has long made their name. Already tagged one of the top 3 smartphone producers in the world, I don’t have much to say about Samsung Android phones which goes by the name Samsung Galaxy.

They are sleek and smart but also very costly. At such, Nigerians are only able to lay their hands on the second-hand version of these Samsung Android phones. They usually have poor battery performance. Aside from battery issue, Samsung devices are just the way to go!

5. Blackberry

Yeah, they rose and fell. It was a mighty fall indeed. Blackberry was once in the hands of everyone that can get it but the Android effect in the country brought about the change.

Blackberry was soon pushed to the point that they have to start manufacturing Android devices so they can compete but it didn’t take them so far as they soon slowed to almost a stop.

Their messenger, the BBM has succeeded in keeping them in the minds of people as it’s available on Android and a widely used social network. But is it going to be enough to help the fallen giants come back to life? I doubt!

6. Gionee

Aha, here comes my friend. The father of the battery monsters. Gionee is known for one thing, Battery. That’s what makes them unique as smartphone manufacturers in Nigeria. Their phones are usually accompanied  by battery packs as heavy as 6000mah as we see in the Gionee M5!

Gionee is a promising smartphone company in Nigeria. With their battery and camera, they have already picked their spot in the competition ground of smartphones.

You can check out their cool devices as

Gionee M6
Gionee M6 mini
Gionee M5
Gionee S6
There are so many other awesome gionee phones but here, we are discussing the company not the product!

7. Huawei
Another company that specializes in making cheap smartphones for Nigerians. They haven’t failed to make their mark but are Yet to make a big impact on the market.

We are still looking forward to seeing more from the company, Huawei.

8. LG

Another established company better known as dealers in electronics like LG televisions, etc. They have very good Android phones too but it seems not to be one of their strongest products!

Their products as always are of Good quality and can be trusted to deliver alright.

9. Lenovo

Lenovo with their nice Android tablets have succeeded in grabbing a good part of the manufacturer’s share of Android market in Nigeria. You can see their phone from time to time in the hands of those that knows the worth and buys phones depending on specs and not only brand!

They don’t have much fans but have made good sales in Nigeria..

10. Sony

High end smartphone producers with excellent product that can be grouped among the very best but then just as in the case of very good things, the price of Sony Ericsson smartphones in Nigeria is simply scary and people don’t use their products much.

Sony have also failed to grab a reasonable share of the market but their phones are still present!

11. Innjoo

Another great and successful producer of smartphones in the country. Innjoo have a variety of these Android phones and they can be found anywhere in the country. They also have very cheap Android tablets which almost anyone can buy online or offline.

I like innjoo as a phone company because of the price of their phones!

12. Alcatel

Still upcoming. Trying to find their spot in the busy Nigerian market! I wish them well.


They deal on very cheap Android phones. They have some of the cheapest you can find and their phones are also accompanied with strong batteries capable of lasting for days on moderate usage. You wanna buy itel if you need good battery duration over small charge.

The problem with itel phones in Nigeria is RAM. Usually very small which makes their phones slow.

13. Xiaomi

Xiaomi is another company that can be categorized amongst the lower part of the first section of successful smartphone companies in the nation.

Their phones are of very good great but are not so not unusual in Nigeria. they have got suitable promise though and that i want them nicely!

14. Motorola

they're a few silent manufacturers. not not unusual in Nigeria however they have excellent gadgets. Am guessing Nigeria isn't one in all Motorola’s primary nations for business.

within the days of Nokia as king of phones, they did not snatch what’s theirs and now, they seem to be doing the equal! Motorola nonetheless has an extended way to head on the way to be regarded as one of the top Android manufacturers in Nigeria!

15. ZTE

just like Motorola in their mode of Operation. ZTE produce pleasant products however once more, Nigeria doesn’t appear to be thier essential place of operation.

16. Apple

Apple smartphones in any other case the iPhones are famous in Nigeria despite the fact that the organisation doesn’t deal a lot outdoor of america.

essentially, Nigerians who wants to use Apple iPhone ought to

purchase it on line at Aliexpress, Jumia, etc.
Import it through the a friend from out of doors of Nigeria. this is not unusual.
purchase the second-hand iPhone that's by means of some distance the most common of its kind in Nigeria.
absolutely everyone desires to use Apple products but they're very pricey and they don’t promote officially in Nigeria.

17. LeEco

I’ll be wrong to mention upcoming phone manufacturers however they may be simply need in Nigeria and haven’t gotten lots customers for his or her devices but!


ultimately, i've this manufacturer. tested and depended on. Meizu telephones are particular and the performance is epic but they don’t promote an awful lot in Nigeria so that you’ll need to get it on line or import!




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