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[Game Cheat] Temple Run Workthrough & Tricks For 2016 Part 2

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Let us continue with the part 2
Breathe in, breathe out.
Like the aforementioned rage that comes from failure of a massively long run, when the action heats up in Temple Run you can easily get overwhelmed. When you first start your run you start as a nice and easy jog, but then you begin the growing descent into super speed as you run for your life and for the highest score you can achieve. Once this speed kicks into high gear don’t panic and swipe all over the place as you run faster and faster. If you keep yourself calm and your hands and fingers steady, you will be better at reacting to the obstacles coming at you no matter the speed.
Plan out your run
While the obstacles and path your character takes are randomly made throughout your run, you can plan ahead to what the purpose of this run will be. Will it be to get your highest score or will it be to collect as many coins as possible to upgrade your perks. If you try to do both you will be putting yourself in danger of failing either task or both as this will surely lead to a slow and anger filled demise. When you’re trying to beat your highscore, you don’t want to put yourself in dangerous situations just to get some coins. Although this method does take longer and require you to play more, it will maximize your efficiency when playing Temple Run. When you’re spending less time on bad runs, you can micromanage each run by setting a plan or a goal to achieve with this run.
Up, down, left, or right?
When you come across the different obstacles you’ll figure out how to pass them. This goes hand in hand with the aforementioned “Practice. Practice. Practice.” tip. But once your get on an extremely long run you may be able to pick up on a pattern. Once you go on long runs you’ll get to a point where the obstacles repeat for up to 3 times in a row. Make sure you begin to pick up on this pattern as it can help you prepare for the obstacles to come. It may seem like a stretch but the game does tend to stack the same obstacles in rapid succession in order to mess you up.
Let’s take it slow

Play it smart
The best tip you can have with any game is to play it smart. Don’t go and try to grab a single coin if you’re going to die and end your run as it is a waste of time and will just make you play longer. More importantly if you just grabbed a power up like the invisibility, don’t keep jumping up and down when you start flashing as the power up starts to die; keep jumping up and down and bam out of nowhere you aren’t invisible and you crashed into one of the many obstacles found in the game.

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