Thursday, 19 January 2017

How To Get 2000Naira With Zoto At Onces

Zoto cheat for all network in Nigeria with just #50 and you earn #2000 naira airtime
Zoto app
Parallel space
Active ATM card
Eyes n brain
Firstly, download zoto app
Then,signup by inserting your number and email
Wait for verification,maybe through call or SMS
When the account is verified
Enter this referral code
Press ok
Then goto invite n earn
Press’s enter refferal code
press apply
press make payment
You will see a box down the network you used either mtn,glo,airtel,etisalat
Type #50
Press proceed
Press new card
Press everything the zoto demands for about your ATM card
Otp will be send to ur inbox
Enter  it
After that,zoto wil send you a otp code
Enter it
Press new code you want two time
Press your ATM pin
Press ok
Wait for the bank approve
When it is successful
It will bring a message that you have earn #1000 with the purchase of #50,your airtime will be given 24hrs
Now to get another #1000
please don’t updated the parrallel space in case it bring update pop msg
Download parallel space
Open the app
Press a plus button shape-like
Scroll down
Select zoto
And clone it
Then repeat all process and step above
Note:when you clone the zoto app,provide new email n number u have not used for zoto signup before
Make sure you have some amount in your bank account,this is not a mean of frauding anybody money,I do it and it is real,zoto is verified n approved by Nigeria government and banks,so don’t be panic



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