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How To Earn Huge With And Details About It

Infolinks is the leader of in-text advertising.

It is a great solution for bloggers who want to increase blog revenue. You can increase income with Infolinks while you don't over-use display banners.

Infolinks payments are made through Payoneer, Western Union, ACH and PayPal on NET-45. It is then a great ad network for international bloggers to monetize their websites. In top of that, there's a few reasons why Infolinks may be a great choice:

  • it is compatible with adsense and also, a great alternative.
  • it is ready to monetize your mobile traffic.
  • You can expect to reach payment threshold easily ($50 minimum).
  • Flexible payment methods (4+ ways).
  • relevant advertising ( more interactions).
  • high eCPM ( more revenues).
  • earning even when reader use banner ad blocker.
  • it monetizes even your site background.

    An Ad solution for publishers and advertisers


    It is good to the limit amount of ads per page.

    It helps you keep our site speed fast. And your readers feel more comfortable reading your blog.

    And you have choice.

    Infolinks comes with four ways you can turn your traffic into cash for your pocket 

    In-Text advertising: Your normal text is turned into ads making you cash. Your content is analysed and normal text is turned into a link. The ads appear only when your reader mouses over the word.

    In-Tag advertising: Infolinks offers in-tag advertising which is known to call to action. Tags are shown next to your content according to the page context. They are keywords bought by advertisers. they are related to your content and attract readers.

    In-Frame advertising: Do you have margin in your blog design? You can monetize them with in-frame advertising. When your site is visited from large screen, the non used margin space will be used by advertisers to show paid ads.

    In-Search advertising: When your visitors come from search engines and reputable sources, infolinks shows them an advertisement based on their search terms. This is the best way to earn with infolinks; we will learn more from smart tips soon...

    Payment methods


    payment are made on Net-45. You get paid at $50 minimum payment through Payoneer prepaid Mastercard (apply for your card today and get $25 free), PayPal, eCheck and ACH.

    You get paid via Western Union and Wire transfer when your account balance  reach $100.

    check out

    Earn huge money with infolinks through smart methods


    Now, let's get smart.

    We know what is infolinks, what it is recommended and how we can get paid. Now, let's see how we can maximize your ad revenues.

    First, Infolinks is simple.

    You start just by signing up for an account and get your website approved.

    Then, You need to add a simple line of JavaScript code in your source code.

    Your can play with your settings in your control panel. Changes will apply and your site will start generating you money once you start getting traffic.

    Sometimes, it takes a week to start earning steady income. 

    Use infolinks referral programs


    Make more money with Infolinks through its affiliate program.

    You get paid referring fellow publishers.

    You earn 10% of what they earn for their first year. To join infolinks affiliate program, you need to have an approved website with Infolinks running on it.

    Increases revenues from top tiers traffic


    Because advertisers bid higher for tier 1 countries ( USA, Canada, UK), try to get most of your traffic from those countries. Infolinks determine which ad to serve based on hour, countries, page keywords.

    Your earning really depends on it.

    See that I earn $0.29 for 8 ad views. It's a $36.25 CPM.

    You can see it with my earnings sorted by best day earning. See how you can make money even with few traffic.

    I just have to increase my top tier traffic and earn huge income with Infolinks.

    Can you do it too? You just have to give it a try. It's free to join. 

    Because Infolinks ads are more intrusive that other ad networks, some people don't like to use it. I don't use them on all of my websites. But when you get the audience that kind of ads is made for, it is up to you to get them on your blog or not.

    It's an opportunity to make huge money when ad blockers stop you from earning through display ads.

    Write around high CTR and high paying Infolinks Keywords


    As i said, the revenue you get depends on keywords that you use.

    It is a contextual in-text advertising network, so, words matter. Most paying keywords are around:
    • educational loans.
    • online degree.
    • web hosting.
    • domain name registration.
    • reward cards.
    • money making.
    Still, any kind of website belong the infolinks categories will find high paying ads.

    Get high quality source traffic


    The above image show Infolinks earning of $0.29, $36.65 eCPM for 8 ad views over 9 page views.

    It is one of my low traffic day on and i did earn even that.

    I moved my articles and my traffic went completely down.

    High traffic sites can then earn huge revenue from infolinks. So, it's proven that any blogger can turn its website into cash.

    I found that in-search ad generated more money.

    It is shown when traffic come from high quality traffic sources such as Google search, Google plus comunity, shortened link, reddit and so on...

    Make use of these sites to get traffic to your site and increase your site revenue. It is also recommended to turn on in-search for your site on infolinks.

    There's no minimum traffic required to join infolinks.

    You can apply if your site has more than 10 pages. I got rejected once and then got accepted by using cloudflare.

    It's seems that my website got rejected based on platform that I use for my blog. Because I made no change to get approved. 

    Get paid per impressions, get on CPC ads. earn huge money with infolinks through smart methods.

    What is the con of using Infolinks?

    If you're getting low quality traffic. You'll get a lot of days reporting zero dollar income. Like any other ad network, you can send your potential customers to another site.

    However, it is a good site to earn income with your blog. 

    And tell me about your experiences using the comment form below.



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